Invitation for preparation of Assessment items in Student Learning Assessment (SLAP)- Management (MBA)

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Invitation for preparation of Assessment items in Student Learning Assessment (SLAP)- Management (MBA)

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The Vice Chancellor/ Principal/ Director,

Respected Sir/Madam

Ministry of Education had carried out a project, Student Learning Assessment Survey in collaboration with Stanford University, California and All India Council for Technical Education under TEQIP-NPIU in the year 2017. A survey was conducted for randomly selected AICTE approved Institutions between 2016 to 2019. The Programme was designed to assess and improve the quality of engineering education focusing on student learning in a manner that would help students acquire relevant skills (technical and generic skills) during their four years of the Under-Graduate engineering programme and provide feedback to the institute on specific areas for improvement. The survey was conducted by Stanford University, California with AICTE in three phases, Pilot Phase, Baseline Phase and End line Phase.

After completion of the survey, the Stanford University in its report to the Ministry of Education (Mo E) & AICTE has given a very educative and valuable inputs for overall improvement in the quality of Technical Education in India.

Keeping these valuable inputs in mind, MoE has given the project to AICTE to do further assessment on similar lines as conducted by Stanford University. Now, AICTE has started the project Student Leaning Assessment Project for approved technical Institutions in India. AICTE is implementing a large-scale programme SLA to assess and improve the skills of Engineering/Management Students in India. The goal of this study is to provide guidance to educators, assessment developers, and policymakers on how to increase student engagement using performance-based assessments. The programme is intended to benefit the institutions, students and the faculty by improving their understanding on how much the students are learning as well as how different institutional characteristics, faculty characteristics, teaching practices and student behaviour contribute to the student learning. The major aim of the project is to evaluate technical students of India and to assess their overall qualitative and quantitative growth during the course of study in order to get a suitable employment. The project is used to evaluate the performance of lower level (Academic gain) and Higher order thinking skills gains and provide the enhancement methods by which Indian students can lead for a better opportunity in their profession and personal graph. The programme is expected to start in the first semester of the Academic Year 2021-2022. For the pilot study of the survey, For the first phase AICTE has chosen the Core Branches such as Management-MBA. In this project AICTE shall also evaluate the Higher-level thinking application, knowledge, analysis, critical thinking, comprehensions and cognitive skills.

AICTE would like your institution to participate in this challenging task and would require all co-operation from your end for successful conduct of the survey. For conducting the survey AICTE would need item sets (questioner bank) for the defined domains.

Here, we are attaching the Google form for the subject matter experts for inputs from your end.

In view of the foregoing, you are requested to kindly identify the proficient faculty from your institutes who can prepare the item set for the survey. The item set is required for the Management-MBA and Higher order thinking skills.

Kindly disseminate this information and encourage your expert faculty to fill up Google form on or before 3.00 pm by 23rd May 2021. Remuneration will be provided as per the AICTE norms to the experts @ Rs 200/- per selected item on selection of item set by a review/.validation committee.

Sample set of questions along with link for registration will be shared with you by separate mail. Please find google link to fill up information

Google Link -

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