CII Certification Programme on Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0): 22-25 June 2021

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CII Certification Programme on Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0): 22-25 June 2021

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Dear Member,

Greeting from the Confederation of Indian Industry!

Certification Programme on Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0)

22-25 June 2021: 1500 – 1800 hrs (3 hours a day / 4 days)

Let us go back in history and look at industrial revolutions – Industry 1.0 has taken world by storm towards the end of 17th century, Industry 2.0 at the end of 18th century, Industry 3.0 in late 19th century marked the beginning to automation, computers and electronics and now Industry 4.0 is at its helm. 360DigiTMG ensures that Industry 4.0 training encompasses the most important components such as Internet of Things (IOT), Cloud Computing, Cognitive Computing using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Course Outlines

MODULE 1: Introduction to Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0)

· What is Industry 4.0

· The PDP cycles

· Who are impacted and How?

· Supply Chain to Digital Supply Network

MODULE 2: What Drives IR 4.0 and the Impact of IR 4.0

· IR 4.0 and its Impact

· IR 4.0 in Business Operations and Business Growth

· Management Insights on Implementing IR 4.0

· Main Transformative Technologies

· 21 Tipping Points

· Technology Drivers

MODULE 3: IoT and its Application in Industries (IIoT)

· What is IoT and Introduction to IIoT

· Applications of IIoT

· Technical and Business Innovations of IIoT

· IIoT Reference Architecture from Industrial Internet Committee

· Industrial Internet Viewpoints

· Different stages in IOT architecture

· IOT Development boards in market

· About Arduino, Raspberry Pi, MQTT

· Hands-on to send Temperature sensor data to cloud - ThingSpeak

MODULE 4: Storing Sensors Data on Cloud – Cloud Computing

· Types of Cloud Computing




· Simple Storage Service(S3)

Ø S3 Bucket

Ø Storing Objects into S3

Ø Versioning in S3

Ø Cross Region Replication

· Amazon Machine Learning Service

Ø Loading Data

Ø Train Model and Test Model

Ø Final Model

· Hands-on on AWS

MODULE 5: Analysing Stored Data – Big Data Analytics

· What is Big Data?

· Understanding Hadoop Ecosystem

· Setting up Big Data Environment

· Storing Data in HDFS in Big Data File System Format

· Why Big Data cannot be Processed using Traditional Tools

· Spark for Machine Learning

· Hands-on - Machine Learning on Hadoop

MODULE 6: Analysing Stored Images and Video Data – Artificial Intelligence

· Applications of Image Processing in IR 4.0

· How to Process Videos and Images for Business Benefits

· Image Processing using OpenCV

· AI and Deep Learning Libraries – TensorFlow and Keras

· Various GPUs and its Applications in Processing Images

· Hands-on in Solving Images and Videos related Business Problems

MODULE 7: Automation, Cybersecurity and Robotics

· Automation using Robotics in Industry Revolution 4.0

· Connecting Disparate Systems using Automation to end Silos

· Usage of Robotics in Mission Critical tasks and Automating Routine tasks

· Cyber Security and Securing CPS

· Various Security Protocols and Standards in Securing Cyber Physical Systems

· OT versus IT Security Domains

Who Should Attend?

· Candidates aspiring to be Consultants for IR 4.0 implementation.

· Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senior Managers, General Managers.

· Plant Heads, Factory Heads, Operations Heads, Line Managers.

· Employees of organizations, which are planning to shift to Industrial Revolution 4.0, Smart Factories and Factories of Future.

· Mid-level and Senior-level Executives.

· Research and Development Heads and Industrial Engineering Heads.


Banking, Insurance, Finance Retail, E commerce, Marketing consultancies, Travel & tourism, Agriculture, Consulting, Customer Service, Education, Engineering, Finance, Government, Health, Mining Hospitality, Hospitals, Human Resources, Information Systems, Information Technology, Law Enforcement, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Oil and Gas, Public Relations, Purchasing, Quality Assurance, Software Development, Training etc.


Date : 22 - 25 June 2021 (Tuesday to Friday)

Time : 3 PM to 6 PM

Duration : 12 Hours (3 hours / day, 4 days)


· Computer Skills, Basic Knowledge of Electronics & Basic Knowledge of Industrial Domain and Concepts

· A stable internet connection with decent speed can cater to the program.

· Sessions will be through Microsoft Teams.

Registration Fees

CII Member : Rs. 8,000/- + GST

Non-Member : Rs. 9,000/- + GST

Academia : Rs. 7,000/- + GST

Ø 10% discount for 3 or more participants from the same organization.

Ø Registration fee is non-refundable. However, a change in nomination is accepted.

Ø Registration would be confirmed only against receipt of payment.

Ø Sessions will be through Digital Platform, Microsoft Teams.

We are writing to request you to utilize this opportunity by nominating suitable officials from your Industry/establishment for the above programmes.

Kindly use the following format to send in your confirmation/nominations.

Email ID
Mobile No

Billing address

GST Details

The delegate fee can be done online/NEFT. We will send the details on receipt of your confirmation.

For further details, you may please contact Jose R. Varghese | [email protected] | +91 98451 94127.

Looking forward to receiving your nominations.


S Rajagopal

Senior Consultant

Confederation of Indian Industry

(Southern Region), 98/1, Velacherry Main Road, Guindy, Chennai - 600 032, India, W:
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